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Prophet - Zhala

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A failed no-lationship, as told by the stars


For the past few weeks, I’ve been meeting with a life/career coach. One of the things we determined re: where I want to be in the near future has a lot to do with finding time for myself, and learning more about how I can balance that with my passions, my calling, my immediate circle of trust/care/security. 

One of the first mini research projects I did was to find out more about my stars, and how they can potentially affect the way i relate with other people. To narrow things down, I started with what DIDN’T work.

Here is what the stars told me. I know now to take these things into consideration next time. 

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how to make music for (almost) free (u should prob buy a mic/ interface and u might appreciate some instruments)


and i guess you’ll need a computer… so that might be expensive.  BUT if ur reading this you probably have one :)

so yeah, ppl always ask me to make a tumblr tutorial on how to make music, so here it is

first off, the best program (in my opinion) is ableton live.  however, garageband is perfectly acceptable and i made visions on garageband.  its kind of the same thing but simpler.  

when u open it, it will look like this: image

if you hit tab, it will turn into this window (which is how I usually work because I like seeing the tracks horizontally): 


its pretty strait-forward.  the audio track is where you record audio, such as ur voice through a microphone or a guitar or smthn.  

You record audio by clicking the black dot in the audio channel as well as the black dot beside the yellow OVR thing in the upper left.  you will want to record audio with headphones on, so that you can hear any other things you may have recorded in order to keep time, stay in key etc. without getting the sound of the backing track into ur recording.   

there is also a metronome which is the two dots beside the 4/4 thing (which is ur time signature).  if u click on the metronome button a click will play at whatever BPM (beats per minute) that ur track is set at. the default bpm is 120, but u can make it whatever u want.  

note on bpm:

most pop songs are about 128.  the current max martin-y pop is around 135 (beauty and a beat for example).  but u can make great dance music at like 116.  the slower the tempo, the more percussive stuff u have to play with.  

So, microphones:

If you can’t afford a cheap microphone there is a built-in microphone in ur computer that works fine, depending what u want to do.  For the best recording, you probably want to record using a condensor mic and a pre amp, but these things are expensive.  I only just started using these things a month ago, so its probably fine not to use them if u aren’t trying to sound like taylor swift (who does sound amazing, but that record was probably very expensive to make).

you will probably use a dynamic microphone - which is also easy to use live, so its a good purchase.  I would suggest an SM58 or SM58 beta.  they are cheap and nearly indestructible.  

You will also need an XLR cable to attach the mic to an interface.  an interface is what you use to record audio and send it to your computer.  It will attach to your computer via USB.  

I recorded visions on an interface like this : image

you can get one of these on craigslist for probably about 50 - 200 dollars, depending on ur city.  

ok so - you install this and open ableton - insert the male end of ur XLR cable to the mic in on the interface, and the female end into your microphone.  

if you click command+comma, this will open:


 as you can see the buffer size is at 2048.  This is the quality of playback.  If you lower this, you will find it is easier to record.  I bring this down to 90 to record vocals and stuff and then when im mixing all the tracks together after I’ve recorded them I bring it back up to 2048 so i can hear what I’ve done at full quality.  

The audio input device is where you select your interface as the input device if you have one, but just leave it if you’re using the built in microphone.  You can send your sound out of monitors that you can attach to your interface but this is unnecessary.  if you’re starting out i would just use the headphone jack for headphones or computer speakers or whatever.

*** Also FYI - the best headphones that you can get cheaply are the audio technica ATHM50s.  they’re like 128 bucks or smthn and they’re super nice.  also i know this all seems expensive, but i really feel like if you’re gonna spend money on anything, the emotional rewards of making music are totally worth it.  if you think about other things you do recreationally its probably more expensive than this.   

ok so ya.  thats how you record audio.  if you click control+T you make a new audio track and u can just record as many of these as u want.  midi is a different story but ill get into that later.   

oh, also - In the upper left corner you will see a folder called audio effects.  if you click on this you’ll see reverb, delay, chorus etc.  You can just play with these to figure out what they do, thats prob the best way to learn.  

so ya! thats how to record audio.  Once you have the basics u can just start googling how to do things on ableton and teach urself.  

if anything is unclear let me know and ill update. also if u want to know how to do particular things i can try to go into it but im not super expert at this stuff cuz i figure it out as i go along.  


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You’ve Been Flirting Again (Björk Remix) | Björk

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The Batmen by Salvador Anguiano / Tumblr

Part of the Poster Posse’s Batman 75th Anniversary tribute project, over at Blurppy.

Happy Batman Day! You’ve of course seen our diabolical diagram of Batman villains (, so here’s a chart of Batman headshots from the last 75 years of comics, film, TV and more.

See close-ups and annotations at the source.

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God i hate it when people cant just realise their fucking privilege

"You can never forget what it feels like to lift the world cup." (x)

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Podolski: Zehn Jahre für die Scheiße hier. Zehn Jahre.

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"This is how the gauchos walk, the gauchos walk like this," chanted the Germans, as they  mocked the South Americans as being hunched-over, short and little people.

Then the Germans chanted, “this is how the Germans walk, the Germans walk like this.” With their backs straight, tall, and proud.

LMAO, it’s funny how the Germans helped Brazilians but then they pull this kind of racist shit and think they’re being cute and funny. Hell nah with this shit. To anyone who thinks they were being playful and not racist can go unfollow me now because you are just as trash as they are.

It’s one thing to banter and joke around but they crossed that line with their little jig. We, South Americans, are not all small and we do not walk with our backs hunched. We are proud of who we are and we do not need you to stereotype us at all. I don’t care if they didn’t mean that way, it still came off as racist and disrespectful. The Germans’ dance still reinforces their white privilege and white superiority over pocs. This shit is not okay to do at all.

So fuck the German NT.

All I have to say is:
-Their Captain Philipp Lahm is very short
-Jerome Boateng isn’t white
-I’m pretty sure it’s not aimed at Argentine’s in a racist way. It’s because the losing team is sad and hunched over because they lost and the Germany NT is standing proud because they won. It’s nothing to do with race. And the song goes back a long time in German football. It’s just a bit of banter and fun
-Germany is in fact incredibly fair and equal compared to a lot of countries and does not promote racism in any way

That rant about the Germany nt being racist has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve read this year

Let me first of all say, that anyone who follows me knows I don’t really care that much for the German NT, mainly because I support Italy and the two countries are natural enemies, due to die Deutschländers inability to ever beat Italy in a cup game.

However, I think you could be reading too much into this chant.

The thing about Germany is, they use this chant against everyone, not just South Americans.

As proof, here’s them using the chants against the English, the Welsh, and the Czech Republic.

So it’s not just them making fun of the South Americans for being short little brown people as you assume it is. It’s about them walking tall because they think they’re better than everyone else. 

Now if anyone wants to question my credibility, it should be known that I am a woman of color who has dealt with racism and sexism all of of my life. I have also spoken out against racism, homophobia and sexism in all of my fandoms, including football, and I have even recently criticized the German fans for donning blackface and making monkey chants during some of the games that took place during the group stages.

That to me is much worse than fans boasting about walking tall through a song.

So in conclusion, no, I don’t think the ‘So gehn die Deutschen’ chant is racist, and I think if you want to get outraged, you should focus your anger elsewhere.

(And I’m obviously referring to the OP and not the person I reblogged this from.)

Ok. I’m gonna come out and say a thing because people are forgetting about how racism works.

I’m going to start by reminding everyone that using words that can be taken as slurs casually doesn’t not give you a free pass to ignore people who call you out on the fact that you are offending them. Also, just because you use it all the time, doesn’t mean it’s never racist. I would argue that even if you use it against another group, it’s still racist because where does it come from and what were the feelings that caused it to be used anyway.

In terms of this instance, I wish somebody would just stop and fucking apologize for hurting people because clearly there were racist implications. It’s not okay just because you didn’t mean it. PEOPLE DON’T HAVE TO BE PART OF THE KKK TO DO RACIST THINGS. RACISM IS BUILT INTO A LOT (IF NOT MOST) CULTURES. 

And the old, there are better things to be angry about is gonna make me flip my shit because it’s some of the most invalidating bullshit ever.